Deliberations that bear fruit



  1. long and careful consideration or discussion. “after much deliberation we arrived at a decision”

Deliberations have goals. You’re spending time discussing a topic because you need to make decisions. If you don’t reach decisions, you’ve wasted your time.

Trules helps deliberations produce decisions.

Decision is hiding in plain sight

Deliberating decisions can be hard, and trying to reach decisions online makes it even harder because people are busy, distracted and multitasking.

Web conferencing tools fall short because folks can seldom meet at the same time, they can’t meet for long enough to decide, and they are constantly interrupted when they can meet.

Texting and email tools fall short because folks often miss posts, read them out of order or post off-topic replies - all of which often leads to simple misunderstandings, circuitous discussions and wasted time.

Trules was built to solve those problems.

Trules helps you harvest the relevant information from your deliberations, summarize that information for analysis and evaluation, reach consensus and present your decisions to everyone who needs to know.

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How to keep deliberations on track

Decision notes

Notes for decision making

Decision notes

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Trules® is a product of John Reynolds’ Venture LLC (based in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA)

We produce tools to help people organize thoughts and reach decisions despite living in a world of constant distractions and frequent interruptions.